Housing Supply & Rents

Having access to a safe and secure home is a fundamental right for all. It is, however, becoming more apparent that the supply of housing in the UK is not satisfying demand. This has the potential to increase house prices and rents, and make housing unaffordable for those who need it most. Our research aims to understand the barriers to increasing housing supply and the changes in society that are removing homes from supply.

Supporting private landlords not pushing them out is key for a modern sector of the future

Our findings are showing that landlord sentiment to the sector and investments is deteriorating. We estimate on top of the 46,000 privately rented homes that have already been lost (MHCLG, 2018), there will be a further net loss of 133,000 homes to rent. We need to move to a broader but fair reform of private renting; with improved access to justice for landlords and tenants, expanded options for security of tenure, and reformed taxation policy that supports not penalise private landlords.

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