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State of the PRS – 2019, Quarter 3

In September 2019, the RLA launched its third quarterly survey of the year. This survey looked at issues related to tax, finance & the wider supply side of the Private Rented Sector (PRS).
With the survey being launched at a time when a General Election was becoming a stronger possibility, the survey also asked landlords to comment on potential policy issues including “Right to Buy” and the promotion of energy efficiency measures.

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State of the PRS – 2019, Quarter 2

This ‘State of the PRS’ survey focuses on the experiences of landlords at a time when they face increasing regulation and are also feeling the effects of the recent tenant fees legislation.
Over 2,700 responses were collected. The results of the survey also feeds into our Landlords’ Confidence Index – see the Observatory page for more information.

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State of the PRS – 2017, Quarter 4

The energy efficiency standards of the private rented sector have come under greater scrutiny over the past three years, with new regulations coming into force in April 2018. This means that no property can be let for a new tenancy if it is below an E EPC rating. This report builds upon our previous quarterly reports on the private rented sector and provides the opportunity for a deeper understanding of the issues facing private landlords, tenants and the wider sector.

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State of the PRS – 2017, Quarter 3

The past two decades have seen the rapid development and growth of the private rented sector in the UK. Between 2001/02 and 2011/12 the sector has doubled in size and now accounts for 20% of households in England (MCHLG, 2018). The Government are implementing major changes to the taxation of the private rented sector, including changes to mortgage interest relief. This report builds upon previous research into the experiences of landlords and their attitudes toward the future.

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