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Buy-to-Let figures highlight nervous mood among landlord-entrepreneurs

This post presents Bank of England data on the volume of residential loans to individuals. It provides an overview of overall volumes and the proportion of advances issued in the Buy-To-Let (BTL) market.
The 2019 Quarter 3 data – published before Christmas – reflect RLA PEARL’s caution on the outlook for the PRS and investment in BTL.

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Landlords shine brightly…but energy efficiently

This deep dive into the 2019 Quarter 3 survey reflects on the landlord community’s investment in pushing up the energy efficiency of their properties.
With much more needed to be done, there is a clear case for a mechanism to bring forward investment and move energy efficiency in the PRS still closer to wider government objectives.

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Scottish tenancy reform: Some positives with more to follow?

The RLA teamed up with the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) to give landlords and letting agents in Scotland a chance to give their views on the recent tenancy and possession reforms introduced by Holyrood.
The system is new, there are concerns but there are clearly elements of the new system which are welcomed.
However there is still much to do before landlords would agree the new system could be considered “a success”.

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Rent controls – evidence says “no”

Across Western Europe and North America there is continued interest in applying rent controls in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). The RLA has looked at the experience of rent controls in Europe and the USA. Rent control policies where they exist have not slowed down rent growth – indeed the opposite may be true.

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This is a full draft version of the forthcoming Landlords’ Confidence Index (LCI). It aims to provide a snapshot of Landlord confidence. It is being produced at a time when landlords face pressure from governments. Tax changes, regulation change and the threat of adverse legal reforms are now threatening the supply of homes in the Private rented Sector.

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Section 21: Your Views, Your Research

The RLA’s Policy Manager John Stewart reports on what the RLA has been doing to protect members’ rights in the face of government proposals to abolish Section 21. In this article John thanks members for taking time out to respond to surveys and providing the evidence base upon which our campaigning is based.

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