New RLA Research Lab Launched

by Aug 1, 2017Press Release, Press releases

Evidence based policy towards the private rented sector takes a step forward today with the launch of the Residential Landlords Association‘s Private renting Evidence, Analysis & Research Lab (PEARL).

With 4.5 million households now in the private rented sector, the RLA’s Research Lab will ensure policy is grounded in clear evidence and that the implications of decisions taken by government and local authorities  affecting the sector are clearly understood.

The RLA’s PEARL will be a key site for factual information on issues such as rents and trends in the housing tenure, along with research undertaken by the RLA, academics and other key players in the market.

It will be run by the RLA’s Senior Researcher, Tom Simcock, whose previous research on the sector has been quoted in debates in the House of Commons and the House of Lords as well as by the Mayor of London.

RLA Chairman, Alan Ward, said:

“As it has grown hugely in importance over the last few years, there has been a dearth of quality data about the private rented sector.

“Policy and assertions about the sector have been based on guestimates, instinct and sometimes ill-informed prejudice.

“Our Research Lab will change this. It will collect accurate data and show clearly the facts that underpin the sector to ensure that future policy is based on sound evidence and what works for both tenants and good landlords.“

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