Author: Tom Simcock

Landlords plan to increase rents to offset government tax changes

Yesterday the Prime Minister launched the revised National Planning Policy Framework, and in her speech, she claimed that “private landlords play an important role in the housing market” and that the new planning rules would encourage new homes for rent to be built. The current Government’s taxation policy for the private rented sector contradicts this. The Government has introduced a 3% levy for stamp duty on additional residential properties and is currently phasing out finance relief or as it is more widely known as mortgage interest relief. Our previous research highlighted that the changes would reduce profitability and lead...

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Rented Housing Tax Hikes Hitting Young People

Tax increases on the development of new homes to rent are leaving young people unable to access the homes they need. That’s the conclusion of new research published today into the impact of recent tax changes in the rental market by the Residential Landlord Association’s (RLA) research exchange, PEARL. RLA PEARL surveyed almost 3,300 landlords, of which 69 per cent said that the decision to impose a three per cent stamp duty levy on the purchase of new homes to rent in 2016 is putting them off investing in further rental property. The findings show also that just 18...

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The Impact of Taxation Reform on Private Landlords

The past two decades has seen the rapid development and growth of the private rented sector in the UK. Between 2001/02 and 2011/12 the sector has doubled in size and now accounts for 20% of households in England (MCHLG, 2018). The Government are implementing major changes to the taxation of the private rented sector, including changes to mortgage interest relief. This report builds upon previous research into the experiences of landlords and their attitudes for the future. The present study reports the findings from 3,289 responses to a longitudinal research project consisting of quarterly surveys of private landlords. Key...

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PEARL Rental Index – February 2018

PEARL Rental Index We have rounded up all of the latest housing statistics, rental index updates and data on renting from across the sector and compiled them into one easy to digest bulletin. Headline findings: Rental price growth weakening for Great Britain, with the latest rental index showing rents had increased by 1.1% in the 12 months to January 2018 London rental prices grew by 0.2% in the 12 months to January 2018, this is 0.9 percentage points below rental price growth for Great Britain Wales rental growth at 1.4% for the 12 months to January 2018, 0.3 percentage...

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