Author: Nick Clay

State of the PRS – 2019, Quarter 4

The final State of the PRS report for 2019 looks at the investment landlords have made to meet the needs and expectations of their tenants.
The survey also investigates attitudes to Good Landlord schemes and Property MOTs as a lighter-touch alternative to licensing.
Finally, flooding dominated the news at the end of 2019. This report examines the issue of flooding in the PRS.

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Buy-to-Let figures highlight nervous mood among landlord-entrepreneurs

This post presents Bank of England data on the volume of residential loans to individuals. It provides an overview of overall volumes and the proportion of advances issued in the Buy-To-Let (BTL) market.
The 2019 Quarter 3 data – published before Christmas – reflect RLA PEARL’s caution on the outlook for the PRS and investment in BTL.

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From ideas to reality: longer term tenancies and rent stabilisation

The traditional view that the PRS should be a suitable home mainly for younger and mobile households is out of date.
The duration of tenancies in the PRS is growing across age groups. So too is the profile of landlords.
Research by the LSE looks at how these factors highlight the inadequacies of the current landlord-tenant relationship. There is an argument for reform, but only when backed up by proper enforcement.

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State of the PRS – 2019, Quarter 3

In September 2019, the RLA launched its third quarterly survey of the year. This survey looked at issues related to tax, finance & the wider supply side of the Private Rented Sector (PRS).
With the survey being launched at a time when a General Election was becoming a stronger possibility, the survey also asked landlords to comment on potential policy issues including “Right to Buy” and the promotion of energy efficiency measures.

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Landlords shine brightly…but energy efficiently

This deep dive into the 2019 Quarter 3 survey reflects on the landlord community’s investment in pushing up the energy efficiency of their properties.
With much more needed to be done, there is a clear case for a mechanism to bring forward investment and move energy efficiency in the PRS still closer to wider government objectives.

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