The NRLA Research Observatory

The NRLA aims to provide high-quality research and analysis on the economic, social, and political issues facing the private rented sector. 

This will be achieved through the NRLA in-house research team and through various projects commissioned to external research providers. Our activities will continue to influence decision makers and translate into an improved renting experience for all stakeholders.

About the NRLA

The NRLA represents the interests of landlords in the private rented sector (PRS) across England and Wales. In April 2020, the merger between the two largest communities of landlords, the National Landlords Association and the Residential Landlords Association, was officially completed.

With both organisations combining the NRLA has over 80,000 members, ensuring landlords have a louder, unified voice in Whitehall and Cardiff.

We represent a growing community of landlords who trust and rely on us to deliver day-to-day support, expert advice, and government campaigning. They participate in our learning activities which makes them better landlords.  We offer a range of high-quality services relevant to their needs. 

Now, and in the future, we campaign to improve the private rented sector for both landlords and tenants, engaging with policymakers at all levels of Government. Our vision is to make the renting experience better for everyone involved in the private rented sector. 

We continually campaign using evidence-backed positions to achieve this vision, we hope we can create an increasingly positive public perception around landlords. In doing so we reinforce the vital role landlords have in supplying homes across Great Britain.