The RLA Private renting Evidence, Analysis & Research Lab (PEARL)

The home for research

PEARL, the RLA’s research lab, was set up to provide high-quality research and analysis on the economic, social, and political issues facing the private rented sector.

The RLA believes in the importance of policy makers considering the evidence and the potential consequences in their decision-making. Through PEARL, we provide the expertise, evidence, and research, to enable evidence led policy making in the private rented sector.

Our ultimate aim is to influence decision makers in order to translate our research findings into an improved renting experience. Enabling landlords to do the right thing – for their businesses, their tenants, and the industry as a whole.

About the RLA

The home for landlords

The RLA represents the interests of landlords in the private rented sector across England and Wales. We’re home to over 50,000 landlords nationwide, with a combined portfolio of over a quarter of a million properties. A growing community of landlords who trust and rely on us to deliver day-to-day support, expert advice, government campaigning, plus a range of high-quality services relevant to their needs.

At the RLA, we understand the challenges faced by a landlord – after all, we’ve been fighting their corner for over 20 years. Providing the expertise, support and tools they need, so they can do the right thing – for themselves, their tenants and the industry as a whole.

We campaign to improve the private rented sector for both landlords and tenants, engaging with policymakers at all levels of Government.  Our vision is to make renting better for everyone involved in the private rented sector. We will go the extra mile to deliver an informed, better educated and more supported membership community.