Quarterly Reports

Our in-house quarterly PRS research provides an invaluable snapshot of the views of housing supply entrepreneurs on key topics: Read our reports to find out about landlord opinion in England & Wales. Coming soon will be our Landlords Confidence Index – the key decisions landlords are taking and their motivations for taking them – tracked over time.

State of the PRS – 2019, Quarter 3

In September 2019, the RLA launched its third quarterly survey of the year. This survey looked at issues related to tax, finance & the wider supply side of the Private Rented Sector (PRS). With the survey being launched at a time when a General Election was becoming a stronger possibility, the survey also asked landlords to comment on potential policy issues including "Right to Buy" and the promotion of energy efficiency measures.

Occasional Reports

The RLA publish research on topics of interest to members and to evidence our lobbying. We also commission bespoke research from leading edge authors and universities to provide the very latest knowledge in the PRS sector. Here you will find our Section 21 research – the largest ever non-Government survey of the PRS supply-side.

From ideas to reality: longer term tenancies and rent stabilisation

The traditional view that the PRS should be a suitable home mainly for younger and mobile households is out of date. The duration of tenancies in the PRS is growing across age groups. So too is the profile of landlords. Research by the LSE looks at how these factors highlight the inadequacies of the current landlord-tenant relationship. There is an argument for reform, but only when backed up by proper enforcement.

Blog posts

Housing experts from the PRS, academia and government join with the RLA team to give their thoughts and identify good practice and trends in the rental sector. Accompanying our new look Observatory are occasional blog posts providing more in depth analysis of key data trends


Whilst the 2019 Q4 Landlords' Confidence Index (LCI) shows some improvement in optimism, it is relative. The proportion of landlords feeling less optimistic continues to be greater than those feeling more optimistic. 2019 was a year in which landlords took a battering from the legislature, and 2020 is not yet likely to offer any respite.

The home for research

PEARL, the RLA’s research lab, was set up to provide high-quality research and analysis on the economic, social and political issues facing the private rented sector.

The RLA believes in the importance of policymakers considering the evidence and the potential consequences in their decision-making. Through PEARL, we provide the expertise, evidence and research, to enable evidence led policy making in the private rented sector.

Our ultimate aim is to influence decision makers to translate our research findings into an improve renting experience. Enabling landlords to do the right thing – for their businesses, their tenants, and the industry as a whole.

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